Bowron Sheepskins

Six Pelts Sheepskin Rug

$259.99 each


Authentic Bowron select lambs from the finest flocks from the vast sheep stations of Australia's outback, the high country runs and the lush green pastoral farms of New Zealand. Browron operates tanneries in New Zealand and Australia, which are conveniently placed in the midst of prime sheep farming areas, ensuring a plentiful source of high quality raw material. To this day, every Bowron Sheepskin is the perfect result of the same methods pioneered in the 1880's by the Bowron brothers from Yorkshire. Their unique 42 step tanning method has been constantly refined over the past 100 years. The raw skins are still expertly trimmed, machined and hand washed before the tanning commences. The tanned fleece is dried, combed by machine then by hand and finally polished to enhance the natural luster of the Sheeps wool. Only then is the Bowron symbol of excellence attached to the Sheepskin.

Product Features:

- Decorative, soft and plush wool pile rugs;
- Genuine 100% New Zealand wool front and durable back;
- Handmade and expertly constructed from soft, dense sheepskins;
- Aesthetically use as a throw on beds, benches, chairs or sofas;
- Discounted prices on decorative home accents.

Item Dimensions:

Assembled Width - 69 inches;
Assembled Length - 72 inches;
Weight - 11 Pounds.